Quality Management

Introduction to quality management

E&S Co., Ltd. obtained quality certifications including GMP and HACCP thanks to its accumulated process know-how and through quality management system, and has been supplying products to domestic and overseas clients.

We manage all manufacturing processes, from raw materials to complete products, to produce high-quality products and assure product quality. We also secure the best quality with our scientific quality-management system including nutrient and functional ingredient analysis, harmful substance management and microorganism tests with substantial experience in GMP/HACCP laboratories. In addition, we use verified analysis equipment to provide products with efficacy and stability to customers.

Quality Management Procedures

Analysis Test

Physico-chemistry test

Nutrient test including vitamins and minerals
Harmful substance test

Microorganism test

Microorganism test
Microorganism management including bacterial counts, coliforms, listeria, salmonella, enterohemorrhagic E. coli, etc.
Lactobacillus test

Standard test

Standard test
Standard management including description, foreign substances, disintegration test, weight, moisture, hardness, etc.

Current State of Certifications

Health functional food GMP

Candies HACCP
Coffee HACCP

Food for patients HACCP
Food subdivision business HACCP
(cereals, grain products)