Message from the CEO

E&S Co., Ltd. is a company putting customers’ value first.

E&S Co., Ltd. is an OEM/ODM specialized company developing and producing health functional foods, functional raw materials, and HACCP foods with HACCP and high-tech GMP facilities based on stability, speed, specialty, and economic feasibility. We focus on creating customer value as the company’s motto with the mindset of accomplishing great things by starting from small things since our establishment in 1996.

Our technical prowess and quality have been recognized by receiving orders from leading large companies in Korea with excellent products satisfying various needs of clients based on constant R&D, investment, and through quality management. We built Factory 1 in Anseong and a pleasant 8,600-pyeong Factory 2 in Yesan, and we are constantly developing new products with clean, diverse manufacturing facilities by building and expanding factories to produce various formulations satisfying customer needs since 2018.

As healthy lifestyles have become the first priority in today’s busy, complicated modern society, executives and employees of E&S Co., Ltd. are seeking continuously to provide excellent products that can protect the health of customers at affordable prices.

Thank you!